Anuraag Sridhar

Anuraag Sridhar, PhD

About Me

I am an engineer who is passionate about building big things. My years of experience in software has shown me, that tooling does not matter, only what you do with it. As a result I am able to rapidly learn and work with any language, or framework, or tool. Even ones I have never seen before.

I like to think of my greatest skill as kit bashing different technologies to make something amazing. I can dive deep in the depths of any piece of software to debug it, but then come out and figure out a way to connect it to other pieces to make something usable and useful. As a result of my experience, I have realised that product is just as important as research and engineering.

I have both led teams in the past, and have also been an individual contributor. When I lead I like running things efficiently, rejecting all the noise and focusing on improving the teams processes as much as possible.


Principal Engineer

Nearmap (May 2021 - Present)

I completed various large projects in my time as Principal Engineer at Nearmap:

Software Team Lead

Nearmap (Jul 2019 - May 2021)

Transformed Mapbrowser, the single monolithic react app, into a well architected repo of libraries allowing the team to scale the number of apps reliably and efficiently:

Incorporated AI Layers into the Mapbrowser app, to provide AI insights into Nearmap's aerial imagery:

Senior Software Engineer

Nearmap (Oct 2018 - Jul 2019)

Worked with a team to implement various functionalities in the Nearmap Mapbrowser App, a geospatial web app that allows users to view high-resolution aerial imagery:

Senior Software Engineer

Helix Collective (May 2016 - Oct 2018)

Worked as a contractor for multiple startups and built various frontend, and mobile apps to help them get their feet of the ground. Also contracted on various projects for Canva, and the company that would eventually become Slyp, the digital receipt company.

Staff Engineer

Qualcomm (Feb 2014 - May 2016)

Built various web apps for internal services (patent portfolio management, inventor analytics, security risk assessment):

Built a native android app that performed image recognition on a mobile device, using a vocabulary based image recognition algorithm. A heiarchical, clustering algorithm was used on the set of SIFT features extracted from images to create a vocabulary of visual words. Because only the means of the clusters were stored, the vocabulary was very small, and suitable for mobile devices.

Software Engineer

Commonwealth Bank (Jul 2013 - Jan 2014)

Part of the primary development team for the Commbank mobile personal banking portal on the Android platform:

Senior Software Engineer

Netpage (Jun 2012 - Jun 2013)

Worked on the Netpage mobile app, a revolutionary platform for embedding augmentation into print magazines to make them digital. It did so, by tracking print magazines without the need for barcodes or watermarks, in order to embed interactive components into the magazine articles:

Senior C++ Software Engineer

Silverbrook Research (Jun 2011 - May 2012)

Primary Tech: C++, Web Frontend (javascript, HTML, css)

Implemented features for a large-scale, distributed backend system for a commercial product in the field of digital ink, that allowed users to directly transfer the written word to a computer using dedicated pen hardware.:

Software Developer

Freelancing (Jan 2012 - Mar 2012)

Ported the highly popular game, Dungeon Raid, from iOS to Android

Software Developer

iCinema Center for Interactive Cinema Research (Jul 2006 - Jun 2011)

Developed a distributed system that tracks multiple people within an immersive environment in real-time using multiple cameras

Software Engineering Intern

Canon Information Systems & Research, Australia (Nov 2005 - Mar 2006)

Worked on the calibration of colour printers through test patterns and images.